Brunch on a Sunday

Well the fog is officially back, and so is the wind. I met up with my good friend Steve today for brunch, and it was a total laugh fest as usual. Sweet Maple is our place, yes I said it, our place. The wait today was pretty long, but it was well worth it. I swear that the coffee gets stronger and stronger every time. Yes, I admit that I am obsessed with breakfast pizza. There is something about an egg on a pizza that is appealing to me. My pizza was packed with bacon, sausage, and potatoes. Oh man, potatoes on a pizza! Steve had his usual pancakes, and his cousin had the french toast. Brunch is definitely a social thing, but with Steve it’s always something more. We laugh, we talk, we make fun of people, and did I mention that we laugh?

What makes Steve a good friend is that he is always supportive, and never judges me. We can talk about anything, and enjoy each others company. In life, there are people you click with, and people that just annoy you. I think the word friend is used too casually these days, which is why I admit that I only have a handful of true friends. In the past, I used to think everyone I met could be a potential friend, and thought that they cared about me. I guess I have matured a bit over the years, and hopefully will continue to grow and shine as time goes on.




Film Filled Weekend

I went with my mom to see two films at the CAAM Fest in Japantown this weekend. I haven’t gone to the film fest in years, and was eager to check out what was going on. Back in college, I volunteered at the film fest, and got to watch a lot of the films which was fun. Of course, at the time, I didn’t think it was that cool. But, now that I am older, and more mature haha, my views on things have changed a bit.

It didn’t take me too long to pick which films I wanted to see. Two stood out to me right away, and so that was that. Beijing will always be my home away from home, and as funky as the city is, and isn’t, it will always have a piece of my heart. The Road to Fame was a film I wanted to check out because it was about China, and also about the new generation of Chinese kids.

I really did not know what to expect from the film, mainly because it was a documentary, and I wasn’t sure what kind of angle the director was going to use in telling this story. As an only child myself, I know that I am spoiled, and I also know that my parents would do anything to make sure I am happy and safe.

The Road to Fame is a coming-of-age story. The film chronicles the staging of the American musical Fame—China’s first official collaboration with Broadway—by the senior class at China’s top drama academy as their graduation showcase. The whole process lasts about 8 months, and in the film you watch as five students compete for roles, struggle with pressure from family and authority, and prepare to graduate. Many of the students come from affluent backgrounds, while others do not have the luxury of family connections and money. And of course, all the students deal with the reality that after graduation, they may have trouble finding work.

Living and working in Beijing, I met many people who were only children, and noticed that they had similar attitudes to the students in the film. Because their parents give them everything, a lot of my co-workers were a bit selfish, and did not deal with stress well. They also talked about money like it was nothing, and could solve any problem. Guanxi really is the only way to get any where in China, and many of their parents had a lot of connections. As an American, I did not have any connections really, and had to figure out how to live in China by myself. I did not have anyone help me try to deal with problems I came across, and had to move around, and manage by myself most of the time. Beijing is such a big city, and it is a city where you can lose yourself, or become someone you don’t even recognize. The youth of China now are wanting to live their dreams, and also many do not understand the China of the past, and believe that their parents do not understand them. But, that’s basically how it is here in the States as well. Young people always think they know everything, want everything now, and think their parents are backwards and not cool. I can talk about this forever, but I think I will end it here for now. The Road to Fame was a brilliant documentary, and I hope that it will show on PBS soon. Check it out if you have the chance.


Friendship is something that you cannot see, touch, or smell.

You can hear it in every birds song

And feel it around you with every warm breeze.

It is a soft pillow that waits for you at night

And reaches out its arms like a big oak tree.

It makes you laugh, smile, frown, and cry

It has no shape or form.

You can keep it in your pocket, and pull it out on a rainy day

No one else will ever share the same feeling.

Even though we are far apart, and we grow old,

I will always be there when the sun goes away

And the night gets cold.











The Beatles

The Beatles Anniversary Tribute- Paul McCartney, Maroon 5, Katy Perry & More Perform

It’s hard to imagine that it has been 50 years to the day on Feb. 9 that The Beatles made their first appearance in the U.S. on The Ed Sullivan Show. Last night on CBS, I watched as the group’s remaining members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr tore up the stage. The two of them were the guests of honor, but they also performed solos of their own. “The Beatles: The Night That Changed America-A Grammy Salute” was a great concert, where singers such as Maroon 5, Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, and more paid tribute, and sang their own renditions of old Beatles classics.

At first I thought I was watching the Grammy’s again, because it looked as if almost everyone as there to honor the Beatles. Then I realized, that they had taped this concert a night after the Grammy’s.

Katy Perry sang “Yesterday”, and I felt that she did a good job singing the song. Her dress kind of looked like a mumu, but other than that, she captured the song well, and she did not try to out sing the song.

Maroon 5 sang All my Loving, and Ticket to Ride. Adam Levine’s voice did not quite match the songs, and it just felt weird watching Maroon 5 sing Beatles songs.

I would say the memorable performances were Imagine Dragons rendition of Revolution; the twin pianos duet of let it be by Alicia Keys and John Legend, and Ed Sheeran’s quiet but touching acoustic of In My Life.

The most exciting part of the night was when the two Beatles took over the stage themselves. They rocked the stage, and got the crowd singing and dancing.

The Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show really was one of greatest events in U.S. music history.  They went on to change the face of Rock n’Roll, American pop culture, and eventually the world.

Super Bowl 48

So Who Watched Super Bowl XLVIII?

According to Nielsen, the game last night averaged 111.5 million viewers, a record for a U.S. television program, according to Fox, which broadcasted the game.

More than 79,000 spectators were set to fill the $.1.7 billion MetLife Stadium, the regular-season home of the New York Jets and New York Giants, for the National Football League title game.

The game did lack some suspense, and at the point where Denver was down 36-0, a lot of viewers stopped watching the game completely.

Denver accounted for only the tenth-best market in the United States, a statistic that could indicate that Broncos fans turned off the game as the score grew insanely lopsided, according to the Nielson overnight ratings.

The Super Bowl half time show, featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, attracted about 115.3 million viewers, Fox said, topping last year’s game.

Even though my team wasn’t playing in the Super Bowl, I still decided to watch the game, and cheer on the Denver Broncos. I have always been a big fan of the Manning brothers, so I had to cheer on big brother Peyton. The game did not start off too well for Denver, which gave me a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. In my head I thought, “Oh no, they might not be able to get over this.” And, yes they didn’t. 

The Seattle Seahawks dominated and owned the game. From the first quarter, to the last, it was Seattle all day. The game became painful to watch, as you us as viewers kept watching the Broncos being overpowered by the strong defense of Seattle.  Peyton Manning was not able to do anything until the 3rd quarter, and by then, it was a bit too late to make a comeback.  Manning did have 34 completions, but the two interceptions hurt him and his team’s chances to change their fate. Unfortunately, the Broncos were murdered out there on the field, with their flaws out there for the whole world to see. Denver just never seemed to get their mojo going.  Even before the game was over, you were already feeling bad for the Denver Broncos.–nfl.html


Sherlock Lives

I am so happy that Sherlock is back. We only waited what, like two years right?

Sherlock Lives, yes folks, he is not dead. We have waited two years to find out whether Sherlock was dead or alive. The loyal Sherlock fans had to wait two years, and two years is a long time. I don’t think anyone should have to wait that long for a TV Show. Especially a show like Sherlock, which left us with quite the cliffhanger.  But, nevertheless Sherlock has risen from the dead, and has made it back just in time to stop a terrorist attack.

The season premiere picks up two years after Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) faked his own death, leaving his dear friend Watson to believe he was really gone for good. Holmes brother Mycroft urges Sherlock to head back to London because a terror attack is about to take place in London.  The title of the new 90-minute episode is “The Empty Hearse.” A lot has happened since Sherlock supposedly leapt from a building to his deah. For John Watson (Martin Freeman), he has settled into his job, grown a mustache, and is engaged to be married.

In this 90-minute episode the characters play a lot of catch up. We learn how Sherlock’s supposed death has affected everyone, and find out some have moved on a great deal in two years, while others not so much.  The dialogue between Holmes and Watson remains brilliant as always, and their bro-mance is ever more prevalent at the series goes on.  The minute the two of them enter the screen in the beginning restaurant scene just proves how much the pair has missed each other. Watson swatting at Sherlock over and over, and hitting him was just hilarious.  Sherlock continues to play it cool throughout the episode, and pretends that he has not missed his friend much at all. But, us as viewers know the truth.

The Empty Hearse left more questions yet to be answered. For example, how did the person on the subway car disappear? Who drugged Watson, and why. We watch, as John Watson almost becomes part of a bonfire. Was the terrorist attack really stopped? Is there more to the story?  This episode was mainly an introduction to the characters, and more of a season opener than a stand-alone episode. We can only assume that there is much more to come.


Gong Gong

I wrote this poem for my grandfather, and shared it with family and friends this past weekend. Well it’s the New Year, and I think I should start filling up my new notebook.

He sits in the darkness

I watch as the tv screen eats him alive minute by minute

His dirty worn oversized, borrowed jacket hide his small delicate frame

I cannot see his hands or outline of his body anymore

I watch again as this mysterious man paces back and forth

He smiles with his dark face and opens his toothless mouth

I know he was a paper son and did what had to be done

An immigrant who traveled across the sea

Gold Mountain did not shine brightly in his eyes

Exhaustion, frustration, complications, disillusions paralleled from China to the land of the free home of the brave

Who is this man I know, and don’t know?

He is a part of me, and I am a part of him

Yet we both know nothing of each other beside our names

Should I feel shame? Is he to blame?

After I walk into his world, my life will never be the same

Walk the walk, talk the talk I tell him

He then tells me, whatever will be will be

Life is life, you are you, and I am me, and here we stand

The door is open

We shall enter innocently

And we will leave disturbed.

The rain must stop

I am definitely not feeling this cold and damp weather we are having. When I did step out of the house today, I’m sure glad I had my rain boots on. My trek for lunch today wasn’t too far, and I suppose it was well worth it. I got a quesadilla for lunch from my favorite burrito place, and I didn’t get too wet walking there. Wool socks are also my best friend this winter, and they have kept my feet warm and toasty here in SF.

My iPad arrived yesterday, and I guess now it’s my new toy. I still need to use my laptop to use Hulu which is lame though. It’s interesting that the iPad only allows you to use Hulu Plus. But no thanks, I like to watch my shows for free thank you very much. Now, I am on the search for a case for my new mini friend. I am leaning toward a case from Belkin right now, and was told that there cases are good and fairly cheap. My mini friend needs protection that is for sure.

Well as my fingers start to get pruney and cold, I will end this ramble with a quote I saw the other day.

Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers.

Saturday strolling

I was walking by a neighborhood church the other day, and saw this posted outside:

Faith in God Changes Everything.

I had brunch today with a friend today, and finally got to catch up a bit. The place we went to was cute inside, but we were a bit lost. As we walked into the restaurant, we got greeted, and were told to wait a bit. There were a few tables open, so we were confused on whether we were supposed to just sit down or not. After a minute or two, we asked again, and were told to sit ourselves. We then figured out that we had to order at the counter, and that there was no official waiter/waitress. The food wasn’t too bad, and the presentation was quite lovely, but I wish that the food was a bit hotter. Our drinks were excellent, although the coffee wasn’t super hot. I guess I am the type of person that likes my drinks, and food served hot. If the drink is supposed to be hot, I really do not want it lukewarm. And the same goes for the food. But, all in all, it was nice to be out and about. After brunch, I had another snack, and went out for a run. I need to get back into shape, because wearing yoga pants all the time is probably not a good thing.


I almost got fooled today when I was online. But Ha! Not this time, Mr. Hacker. I randomly got a message on Facebook today asking me for money, and I was a bit confused. I was not aware that my friends mom’s account got hacked, so I actually listened to this person typing to me. Many things were weird, and I went with my gut feeling, that this person was no way in hell my friends mom. I can be quite the sucker though, so I have to be more careful. My email got hacked a couple of weeks ago, and now this, ah! What happened to privacy? There really is nowhere to be safe online anymore.

Nothing else too exciting has been happening lately, though now that July is here, things may change. My good friend will be visiting me soon, and then the craziness shall commence. We need to relive our Beijing days, and all the fun-ness that came a long with our study abroad adventures. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

I am glad that the Giants finally broke their 6 day losing streak. The guys looked pretty down when they were sitting around in the bullpen. Well, this is a new month, so that means it’s time to start a winning streak! The A’s have been playing insanely good, and I had so much fun watching them beat the Cardinals up.

I need to get back to yoga, because lately I have not been calm nor relaxed.