Poems, Oh My!

I wrote these poems a few years back, and recently submitted them to a literary magazine. ha I don’t know if they will be published or not, but hey, nothing to lose right?


He sits in the darkness

I watch as the tv screen eats him alive minute by minute

His dirty worn oversized, borrowed jacket hide his small delicate frame

I cannot see his hands or outline of his body anymore

I watch again as this mysterious man paces back and forth

He smiles with his dark face and opens his toothless mouth

I know he was a paper son and did what had to be done

An immigrant who traveled across the sea

Gold Mountain did not shine brightly in his eyes

Exhaustion, frustration, complications, disillusions paralleled from China to the land of the free, home of the brave

Who is this man I know, and don’t know?

He is a part of me, and I am a part of him

Yet we both know nothing of each other beside our names

Should I feel shame? Is he to blame?

After I walk into his world, my life will never be the same

Walk the walk, talk the talk I tell him

He then tells me, whatever will be will be

Life is life, you are you, and I am me and here we stand

The door is open

We shall enter innocently

And we swill leave disturbed.

The Start








Birth Begins

Life becomes monotonous

Death becomes a fairy tale

White becomes black.

The closet is filled with spiders

What happened today becomes tormented tomorrow.

A slow haze forms over the slate building

No one is listening.

No one is around.




No solution.



Friendship is something that you cannot see, touch, or smell

You can hear it in every birds song

And feel it around you with every warm breeze

It is a soft pillow that waits for you at night

And reaches out its arms like a big oak tree

It makes you laugh, smile, frown, and cry.

It has no shape or form

You can keep it in your pocket

and pull it out on a rainy day.

Even though we are far apart and we grow old

I will always be there

when the sun goes away

and the night gets cold.


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