Yoga Week in Review

I am still new to yoga, but have been enjoying my practice these last few months. My friend just recently got certified to teach yoga, so I have been taking yoga classes from her at various locations around SF. I have to admit though that in the beginning, I thought yoga was quite boring, and wasn’t sure if i’d continue with it. But after a few months of consistent practice, I started to enjoy it more and more. And now, I just love it!

I recently purchased a new yoga mat, and probably should have read the reviews on it ahead of time, but eh yeah I did not. I am happy with it so far because it’s light, and easy to carry around on the bus, and so far I’ve had no casualties so far. I got the Eko Superlite Travel Mat by Manduka, and it’s super thin, and also smells quite rubbery. It is made from non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber, which makes it eco-friendly indeed. After reading the many reviews online, I came to the conclusion that there really may be no real “perfect mat.” Since I am currently only temping, I came to the decision to use this mat for now, and then I can upgrade later on if I choose. I do recommend this mat though for those of you who take yoga all over the city, and have to travel by muni.


This week I also received my yoga Grip Gloves by Toesox. I have super sweaty hands when doing yoga, and in the past weeks, have noticed that I keep slipping when I am in my downward dog position. My friend told me to go online and research what to do, and I did just that, and was surprised that many others had the same problem I did. I didn’t want to buy another mat, so I decided to purchase a pair of Grip Gloves. I have used them two times so far, and have had no problems holding my poses. My fingers still get sweaty, but I just lift them up, and let the gripping action happen in my palms. So for all you sweaty handed people out there, this may be the solution for you too!


And lastly, I just thought of an awesome ice-cream flavor. I am not sure if it already exists or not, but I think it would be quite tasty. Dark-chocolate ice-cream with chunks of ginger. Hey, if it taste good as a candy, why wouldn’t it be just as good as an ice-cream right?



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