Yue Min Jun “The Tao of Laughter”

So haha last night, I had a dream that I created a blog called “Bananur.” I have only had two homes in my life, San Francisco and Beijing, so therefore I feel like I am part of both worlds. I have wanted to start a blog for awhile now, but  I admit that I have been kinda flaky about it, and unfocused. So here it is, my second attempt to start a blog, well see how it goes! Oh yes! be prepared to read a blog full of run of sentences, because haha I guess that’s my Bananur styles.

On another note, I really wish I was in Hong Kong now, so that I could check out this exhibition. I still remember seeing Yue Min Jun’s work at the SFMOMA when I was working there, and his “Laughing Man” just captured my attention. There was something about the big smile, that made me feel happy, empty, sad, and amused at the same time. A laugh, a frozen smile in time, you were left wondering.

Chinese contemporary artist Yue Min Jun returns to Hong Kong’s Harbour City to showcase his third-ever exhibition containing five brand new sculptures as well as twelve new silk-screened artworks. Yue’s iconic “Laughing Man” has become well known in Hong Kong, and also well recognized by the rest of the world.

Known for depicting himself in various settings frozen in laughter, Yue’s new exhibition continues the trend – with a sculpture depicting a man laughing while covering his eyes.  If you are in the Hong Kong area, be sure to check out this moving exhibition. Chinese artists have come along way throughout the years, and I am excited to see what’s to come. The silk-screen exhibition will remain open until October 14, 2012, while the sculptures – “The Tao of Laughter” – can be seen until October 23, 2012.

(via hypebeast)


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