Thai It Up

Yes, I think I have found my new favorite Thai Restaurant! San Francisco has so many Thai restaurants, and I have tried out so many of them over the years. Just recently, my dad and I started eating at Amphawa Thai Noodle House on 14th Ave and Geary, and have no complaints so far. The staff is very friendly, and the food is always colorful, and the meats and vegetables are always fresh. One thing that I like about my food is that, the food must be hot when it gets to my table. Many restaurants serve food that is lukewarm, or just cold, which to me is not acceptable, nor is it appetizing. But at Amphawa, the food is always served hot, so hot even, that you can see the steam coming out from your dish. And to me, that is absolute perfection. I also love their mint lemonade, because it’s minty and refreshing, and goes great with the Thai cuisine. After while, the iced teas and iced coffees get a bit boring. So yes, I definitely recommend this place, and if you’re ever in the Richmond District in SF, go and try it out. Don’t forget to try the Khao Soy with Chicken, and the Beef Tango!


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