Food Rules

Currently, I have more time on my hands that I would like, and I especially have all the time in the world to E A T. Yes, you heard me loud and clear, EAT! This past Tuesday, I decided to visit UNIQLO and check out how busy the store was, and found out that it was still pretty busy. I picked up a pair of leggings that I needed, jeans, and also two scarves. The prices are fairly cheap, and the store looks about how it did in China. I didn’t see as much variety in leggings as I did in Beijing, but it could also be the wrong season. Anyways after my UNIQLO adventure, I went on to my other favorite store Anthro, and then decided to get some food before my haircut.

I ended up wandering into Posh Bagel on Sutter Street, and decided to order myself a pizza bagel. ha everyone that knows me knows that I am a big fan of pizza, english muffins, and bagels. In fact, I often eat english muffin pizzas for breakfast, or for a quick snack before yoga. I have been making these english muffin pizzas for years, and nope I ain’t tired of them yet!

My bagel pizza was quite tasty, and after I washed it down with my can of coke, I was ready to get my haircut. I feel as if my hair got cut too short, and that it’ll never grow out the way I want it. But, I guess I will have to be patient, and see how things progress. Forever waiting……yes story of my life.



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