Weekend Review

Well this weekend I ate my heart out. Since I am currently on a “see food” diet, I decided to feed my tummy, and that’s exactly what I did. On Friday night, my mom and I tried out a  new sushi place nearby, called Daigo Sushi. Many restaurants at that location have come and gone, let’s hope this one is there to stay. We ordered a few rolls, a seafood salad, and finished off the night with ginger ice cream. I haven’t had good sushi in awhile, so I am so happy that I’ve found a new place to go too, and it’s so close to home as well.

Saturday, I finally made it to Woodhouse Fish Co. Man oh man, I think my mom and I totally had a seafood overload. The clam chowder there was to die for, and my mom’s butter crab roll was just delicious. The crab meat just melted in your mouth, and it was just perfect because there was no extra cheesy-ness, or anything else added to it. I had the Baja Fish tacos wish were okay, but I think the avocados, salsa, and radish made the tacos all the much better.

Sunday, was a pizza day, and yes, finished off the meal by watching the Giants play the Cardinals. Oh kill them birds I say!

Here are a few photos of what I demolished this past weekend.


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