Need a wake me up

Well from the looks of it, I think rain is on the way. I don’t mind the rain, I just don’t enjoy being rained on. I got rained on way too many times in Beijing, and I ruined my Tom’s because of all the flooding that went on that summer.

I feel a bit lazy today, but I think I should drag myself to yoga class. Next week is Thanksgiving, which means no classes for me. Even though my family stopped doing it up big for Turkey day, I am sure that I will get my turkey fix in.

I have been very happy with my yoga class, and of course I love my yoga instructor. I’m hoping that she will get her own space soon, so that I can do yoga more often. I feel like a lof of people don’t understand what a donation based class means.  No, it doesn’t mean that the class is free, or that you can pay if you feel like it. Geez, well hopefully people will start paying for classes soon, so that my instructor can make some money teaching.

I need to find a good yoga top I can wear, besides always wearing my usual baggy t-shirt to class. I am not flat chested, nor do I have a nice tummy, so it’s  been quite the challenge finding the right top. Right now, I have my eye on this tee by Prana, but it’s a bit pricy for my taste.

The search continues.



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