The Turkey Aftermath

Well I hope everyone had a good Turkey day. It came and went so fast, that I almost have no proof that it happened at all. But wait, haha I think this extra chub on my side, might just be proof that I ate a lot of carbs. My family went out for a Chinese lunch on turkey day, and that was how we celebrated the day.

I am lucky that my mom brought me home turkey leftovers from her school lunch. Thank you SF Hilton Hotel, the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and everything else was just delicious. Yes, very thankful. I still got to have turkey, even though my family didn’t make one this year.

This past weekend I enjoyed pizza, and football with my dad. I put on my Eli Manning t-shirt, and cheered my man on. I was cheering on Manning and the Giants, and my dad was cheering on Rodgers. Quite the epic scene indeed. I have gotten quite obsessed with sports lately, I am not sure why either. When I was in China, I really could care less about sports, or about what was going on outside my world. But now that I am back in the States, I can’t seem to get enough. Social media really can be trouble.

Yesterday when at lunch, I noticed that the radio was playing Christmas songs. NOOOoOO! I am not ready for X-mas, nor am I ready for the year to be over.   I think when I was a kid, I really looked forward to the holidays, but now that I’m older and broke, haha I guess not so much.

I just looked out the window, more rainy weather is on it’s way..


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