Bleeding Blue


I was Bleeding Blue yesterday. I had my Manning t-shirt on, and felt like a smurf. The game last night was super exciting, and I gotta say that RGIII is kinda crazy. Of course, I was sad that the Giants lost by one point. But at the same time, watching RGIII play last night just blew my mind. Yes, the kid is super young, but man I think he has a lot of potential. I have never seen a quarterback like him before. He got hit last night, and just got right back up like nothing happened. He’s a smart guy though, because I noticed that he made sure that he didn’t get hit too much. A quarterback that can throw, and run, man that is some sorta bad ass.

It’s okay Eli, you are still the man.

Well I am also super happy, because yesterday, it was announced that the SF Giants signed Angel Pagan for another 4 years. Angel Pagan is one of my favorite players to watch, because he is so exciting, and I like his personality.  A lot of haters might say that Pagan aint worth the 40 million, but yeah, haters gonna hate. Hopefully the Giants will get Scutaro back!

I just got back from UNIQLO. I love this store. I can’t even explain why I love this store so much, but I just do. I think this store will end up sucking up all my money. Must refrain from walking in too often.


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