I saw this on Pinterest, and thought that it was just odd. Who needs a Xmas tree, when you can be one. See below.

Well I felt like last week went extremely slow, yet here we are again at Monday. I didn’t do much this past weekend, but I felt like I got a lot done. I have to say though that living in an old house is not that fun. Yesterday’s football games were super exciting though, and even though I wasn’t able to watch the New York Giants game, I was keeping track of things on Bleacher.  Woo, go technology! Damn Manning slaughtered Brees and his team, I guess they don’t call him Elite Manning for nothing. I watched the Niners game yesterday, and have to say that it was a close game. The Dolphins put up a good fight, and their defense looked pretty good.

Watched the latest Haven episode last night, and wasn’t too surprised. There are only two mor episodes left, ah, the suspense is killing me. I am beginning to like Duke’s character a lot more now, and I hope that Nathan gets his act together soon. Soon, there will be nothing good to watch on tv, until the shows come back next year. Boo to that I say! I can’t wait to watch Warehouse 13, and the rest of Grimm.


Philip Treacy 2013


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