Socks in Bed

I have been wearing socks to bed, since who knows how long. Yes, even in 90 degree weather. My roommate in Beijing was always surprised that I was able to wear socks to bed in the summer, but I did. I am not sure what it is, but my feet just enjoy being covered in bed. I do often wake up though, with just one sock on.

Lately, I have noticed that there are a lot of people hating on Eli Manning. Yes, the Ny Giants did lose big time last weekend, but still, is that a reason to hate so much? I think people need to spend time doing something more productive, than hating on Eli, and posting ridiculous photos of him on Instagram. But, that’s just me. I still got love for him, and for his team.

I will end this entry with my pet peeves when riding the bus.

  • People who clip their nails on the bus
  • People who eat oranges on the bus
  • People who have entire conversations on their phones, while on the bus. NO I don’t care that some guy got you pregnant, nor do I care about your hot date last night.
  • People who block the aisles with their huge ass backpacks. Why yes, in fact, it is in the way.
  • People who stand and block the doors.
  • People who stare.

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