Well it’s 12-21-12, and the world hasn’t ended yet. It didn’t end on 12-12, and it will not end today. I heard a lot of crazy things going on over in Taiwan, and I think it’s just silly. There are folks killing each other over there, because they think the world’s going to end. I bet they are regretting their actions right about now. We may have come to an end of a cycle, but soon a new cycle will begin. Yes, that is how life works.

I was just reading my sports feed on Bleacher, and feel bad for the New York Giants. Poor Eli doesn’t have all his boys out there to help him out, so many guys are currently injured. And now, two of the tight ends just got injured. Damn, it’s gonna be tough facing the Ravens.

The weekend is here, and it looks like rain is going to stick around a bit longer. Got to stay warm out there, lately the weather here in SF has been freezing. I got all my X-mas shopping done, and I feel pretty good about that. I think the older I get, the less stressful this holiday becomes. Bring on the meat!



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