I am slowly getting tired of this cold ass SF weather we been having. My hands are either constantly feeling dry, or cold. Good thing I still have my lovely UGGs, because these babies have been keeping my feet toasty and warm.

It was nice catching up with Ben the other day. ha, I think that was the only day this week that actually was warm too. He shared with us the 5 C’s of Singapore women. I think I am going to have to tweet my version of it.

Well the year is quickly coming to an end. New Year Resolutions anyone? I haven’t made any new year resolutions in years, and that’s probably because I never keep them. But who does really?

Today for lunch, I had the best Sukiyaki ever. I never had Thai style sukiyaki before until today, and I have to say that it was just delish. There were so many good things inside my bowl. Ah, it really did warm me up today.


Tomorrow, I am looking forward to my friends Holiday party. I hope that we are eating meat, because I am ready to eat some good stuff. Lately though, I feel like a bear in hibernation. All I want to do is eat, sleep, and stay warm.


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