Happy New Year!


Let the Playoffs begin! This is the year of Adrian Peterson. I am not a Vikings fan really, but I like watching Peterson run. The guy is a beast. Since my man Eli didn’t make the playoffs, I find myself rooting for other teams besides the 49ers.

Happy New Year! It still doesn’t feel like a new year to me, but I guess it’s here. I am sure glad that I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions, because I would have surely broken them all.

Lately, I have just been eating non-stop. I am on a Seafood diet alright. Yes, once I see food, I eat it. I haven’t done any yoga in awhile either, which isn’t good, but this cold weather makes me feel so lazy.

The other night my friend invited a few of us over to his place, because he wanted to cook dinner for us. He made a feast for us alright, man I could barely move afterwards. After dinner, we played a card game called “Bang.”  Let me just say that the game went on for awhile, and a lot of people had no interest in playing. I enjoyed myself though, but I guess that’s because I am quite the nerd. It was really nice getting together though, because now that many of us are now working, we hardly get to see each other that often. The night didn’t end on a good note, but that’s another story.


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