Monday Review

Another Monday, Another Day. January seems to be going pretty fast indeed. I hope everyone out there had a good weekend. I spent the whole weekend watching the NFL Playoff Games, and enjoyed every minute of them. I was really rooting for the Broncos to win, but I have to give the Ravens props for winning after double overtime. The Ravens have really made a comeback, and are looking strong out there. Sadly though, I missed most of the Seahawks/Falcons game. I had to keep track of the scores from my phone, as I was working out at the Ymca. Damn, I got to say though that Russell Wilson is a true beast. And how about that kid Kap? Boy, can the guy run. Bright future ahead indeed. It has been so fun watching all these young guys play.

Well, the other night I also returned to yoga class. I did the whole workout in my sweatshirt, ha and I didn’t overheat either. All in all, I think I had a good workout though. It did feel good getting back into the swing of things. I felt my body shaking more than usual though, so I guess I am a bit out of shape. After yoga, I always feel revitalized and calm. Staying balanced has always been a challenge of mine.


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