All ready

Just got my nails done. Now I am all ready for the SB Game.

I forgot that I ate a burger yesterday, so I ate a burger again for lunch today. Ha, I better eat more veggies tonight.

Well, I guess the perks of working part-time from home, is that you have time to watch tv. Today, I was watching The View and was surprised, because I didn’t expect to see NKOTB, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men on tv. They announced that they are all going on tour together this summer. haha, I am kind of excited about this.

I remember going to NKOTB concerts as a kid, and even being a part of their Fan Club.  My family friend were totally crazy about them, and all had their favorites. I was younger than all of them, so I think I just followed along just to seem cool. I don’t remember having a favorite really, but I do remember wearing my NKOTB t-shirt, and button to school. And yes, I did know how to sing most of their songs too. Geez, talking about this makes me feel super old. The 90’s seemed so long ago.


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