So long Year of the Dragon

The Year of the Snake is almost here. I am ready for it. Hopefully, this will be the year that I will make my mark out there in the world. Here’s hoping for more adventures, new memories, and loads of opportunities.

Yesterday, I did my first Wushu/lion dance demo in a long time. Everyone did such a good job yesterday, and luckily for me it was pretty painless. I was worried that I might forget my set, or that I might lose my balance, and topple over. But, good thing that didn’t happen. I did lose my footing a bit in the beginning, but was able to make up for it in the end. I love performing for little kids, because they are so cute, innocent, and are still easily impressed by the little things in life. Us adults, need to take some tips from them.

Many more performances in  the weeks to come, which makes me kind of excited.  Lately, I feel like I am constantly indoors, so being out and about will be a nice change. Good feelings about this year. I still fit into my uniform, which makes me happy. Haha, if I didn’t fit my uniform pants, then I would really have to start worrying.

Haircut tomorrow. The day has finally come at last.


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