Happy Valentine’s Day! Be open to love, and love will come find you.

Well for me, today is just an ordinary day in the neighborhood. I woke up early today to watch the SFGiants Stream online. It was exciting to see the guys out on the field, doing drills, and throwing the ball around.  Everyone looked really pumped out there, and ready for business. Baseball season is almost here, yes I can feel the excitement in my bones.

Lion dancing season is halfway over, and I can’t believe how fast the month of February is going. This weekend will be a long weekend of performing, but I am looking forward to going up to Oxbow. I have never been up there, and can’t wait to sink my teeth into all the good food up there. Must remember to bring a cooler for the ice cream!

I have been trying to get back into writing poems. So hope you enjoy this one.

Ode to socks

I slide you on before the sun sets

You warm me up and brighten up my day

You protect me from the cold, and keep me clean.

When I pull you out of my drawer, I smile as I slip you on and walk around.

No matter what season it is, I always need you around.

Some may call me crazy to bring you along in 90 degree weather

I feel secure when you stay on me the entire night.

When I am feeling okay I may slip one of you off my feet

You always end up at the bottom of the bed.

Sometimes you even get stuck or lost in a pillow case or two

But eventually I find you nice and clean,

and slip you on again before the sun sets.

Oh socks, how I love you.

With you around I will never be numb and empty again,

and my nights will never be cold again!


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