Well I think Spring has arrived, and how do I know this you ask? My nose is itchy, and my eyes are irritated. I have spotted pollen on my windows, and that’s probably not a good thing. Good thing for allergy meds, but damn, I thought I was only allergic to Fall pollen.

Lion dancing season is about over as well, so that means no more performing for cute little kids. It was a fun run this season, I hope that means that the year of the snake will be a good one.

Oh, I ended up finding Three Twins Ice Cream at my local produce market, but didn’t end up finding my mom’s favorite flavor. Sea Salt and Caramel, where are you hiding? We did end up getting a pint of Lemon Cookie though, but it’s just not the same as the Bittersweet Chocolate. I am too lazy to go to the Sunset side, so I guess I will just have to live without all the other yummy flavors for now.

Spring Training has begun! That’s pretty exciting, since it seems like forever since I’ve heard any real baseball news. I have been following my favorite teams through BR, which has kept me pretty updated. It seems that the Giants and A’s still have to work on their pitching, but damn the Cardinals and the Tigers be killing it out there. I just hope everyone stays healthy out there. Whew, I just have dusted off my SF Giants t-shirts, and put away my Niner’s t-shirts. Yes! It’s time to get ready for Baseball Season.



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