Nice day in the city today. It felt good walking outside earlier, with the sun shining down on the back of my neck.

Well I think I overdid it at yoga last night. Today my back feels a bit stiff, and I am trying not to sit around in the same spot for too long. I think  Mao Zi Dong’s revenge got me once again. I thought it only happened to me in China, but nope, it seems to happen to me here too. Salonpas spray is going to be my best friend for a day or two.

I just noticed that the left side of my body is a bit weaker than the right. I know that it is the case for most people, but during my yoga practices, I can really feel the difference. Ah, it just means that I am going to have to start working on balancing out my body. Lately, I think my abs have been a bit neglected as well.

Well March is here. Is it just me, or are the months passing by like hotcakes? February was a short month, but still, I feel as if the days are just passing by faster than normal.

On another note, Yay! The Giants beat the Oakland A’s today. Let’s keep it up guys. But man, that Verlander is still deadly as ever I hear. Scary indeed.



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