Surf n Turf

Hm,  the weather report said that today would rain, but so far nothing has fallen from the sky.

Our water heater at home has broken down, and yes, that means that we have no hot water. I am so glad that my aunt lives downstairs, because at least I can still shower, and wash my hair. These water heaters don’t seem to last too long these days, and they are a big pain in the ass. I remember our last water heater breaking, and how it flooded our entire kitchen. That was not a fun day at all, mainly because I was the only one home, and had to clean it up. I was also late for work that day, and my boss at the time did not think this emergency was an emergency at all, and he then later wrote me up. So yes, no real found memories of the water heater at all. When things like this happen, it reminds me of how important the little things  in life are i.e. hot water, electricity, and gas.

Well, I think my back is pretty much back to normal. I can now bend over, sit, and move around without a stiff feeling. I was totally feeling like an old lady for awhile, and it was not fun at all.

I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday, and thought it was interesting that he never mentioned the benefits of eating fish. He talked about the benefits of eating grains, vegetables, and limiting the amount of carbs and red meat we eat, but nothing else.  Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a big lover of carbs and red meat. I did try being a vegetarian once, and that lasted about two weeks. ha ha I just can’t stay away from them carbs, and meat, even if they do make me feel sleepy and groggy afterwards.


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