Polka dots

I just had a Chobani blueberry yogurt for breakfast, and have to say that it was pretty tasty. Some greek yogurts take a bit funky, and are too sweet, but I have to say that this yogurt was just perfect. Creamy, thick, and just the right balance of yogurt and fruit. How many grams of fat are in this cup of yogurt you ask? Why 0! Yes, 0 grams of fat. It just does not get better than that.

Currently I have two obsessions, TCHO Chocolates, and polka dots. My mom’s principal at school gave us some TCHO Chocolates, and now they are all that we think about. Dark chocolate really does rock my world. Now, I am on the search for them, and hope that I find them at either Whole Foods, or Andronico’s. A couple of days ago I tweeted about TCHO Chocolates, and was surprised that they tweeted me back with a response. I think that tweet made my day.

Okay as for polka dots, lately I am obsessed with them. I have polka dot sneakers, flats, scarves, and tee’s. Recently on Pinterest, I saw someone post a pin about Kate Spade and Keds doing a collaboration.  As soon as I saw the shoes, I feel in love with them. They are a bit on the pricy side, but just so darn cute. I didn’t end up ordering a pair, but instead, I ordered a pink polka dot pair from the Taylor Swift collection. Can’t wait till they arrive in the mail!  The only bad thing about ordering shoes online is that they might run small, big, or wide.



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