Hello Spring

This damp and windy weather ain’t so fun. I was walking home from yoga last night, and managed to burn up a sweat. I must be pretty out of shape.

Last night, my yoga teacher told me that I should think about practicing yoga more often. I guess I am going to have to think about other options, and figure out if I want to try out a new class or not.

My feet are still awkward and weird when I do my upward dog, and I am not sure why. I think my ankles are either too flexible, or I am doing something wrong.

I just finished watching the A’s beat the Mariners. Woop, the game today was an exciting one. The one guy I think to watch out for is Michael Morse. He hit like a homerun in every game, and is a big and powerful dude. I always get super nervous, when the batter keeps fouling the ball out over and over. But, today Josh Reddick used the power of his beard, and really is starting to grow as a player. Ha, I guess the beard is not going to go out of style anytime soon.  Ryan Cook closed the game nice and strong, and definitely had something to prove out there. He was throwing those balls fast today. The A’s are definitely going to be fun to watch this season, and their bullpen is definitely one of the better ones.


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