This past weekend we performed at the SF Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival. Supposedly it was our best performance ever. We got a lot of positive comments, and were surprised by the responses. To me, the demo was just like any other performance. It was pretty windy on stage though, so windy in fact, that my sword almost flew out of my hand. But, everyone said I looked really relaxed on stage, and was fluid and graceful. Who would have thought? The whole team did a good job performing, and it was nice to see Ben again.

Man this wind is really killing my allergies. I don’t know where all this wind is coming from? The wind just seems to blow everything right into my nose. I never knew that spring in SF could get this bad. When I was living in Beijing, the Spring would always be like this. In Beijing, you would just walk down the block and get a bunch of sand in your mouth, or eye. Hopefully this wind won’t stick around too long, and by next month it will be less windy.

Well the day has finally come, ha my yes, my cellphone plan is about up. So I can either upgrade and get myself an iPhone 5, or be daring, and switch to an Android phone. My dad and friends seem to like their Android phones, but none of them are Mac users. I am just worried that I won’t be able to sync my phone with my computer. But, after reading some articles online, it should be do-able. I am just so used to using Mac products, that changing to an Android may turn out to be difficult. The iPhone is just so easy to use, that even my mom can use it with her eyes closed. So yeah I can’t decide on what I want to do, I guess I will think about it some more. The HTC One is looking pretty good to me though, and I like the aluminum body, and the big screen. Decisions, decisions.


 Is sensationalism in the news media a bad thing? I feel like the US really likes to take advantage of this, and just makes things more dramatic than they need to be .


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