Television Invasion

The wind never seems to go away. My allergies were super bad this past weekend, and I did not feel too good at all. I need to workout more so that I can fight off the pollen. Yes, sneezing all day is definitely no fun at all.

I just started to watch a new show on BBC called “Orphan Black.”  My dad told me about this show awhile back, but I wasn’t really paying attention at the time. But, now that many shows are coming to an end till the fall, there really is not much to watch on tv. I am thankful that it is baseball season, because otherwise I’d be totally bored in the evenings. Other than baseball though, I do enjoy watching tv after dinner. Warehouse 13 is back on, which is great. And I am also enjoying watching Doctor Who. Orphan Black is kind of a dark show, with a lot going on. After I watched the first episode, my mind was pretty much blown away. Many tv shows are light, and you can just plop yourself in front of the tube, and just relax and pass out. And then there are the shows that keep you wide awake, and wanting more. Orphan Black is definitely one of those shows. Okay, I’ve only watched 2 episodes so far, but I got to admit that I am already hooked. The idea of clones always seems to fascinate me somehow, and also shows that have mystery and intrigue are always interesting too. I am excited to see where this show goes, and to see what happens to the main character. BBC has some good shows, and it’s too bad that most of them are hard to watch for free.

Well, the A’s won yesterday. A.J. Griffin did an awesome job last night, and only allowed the Rangers to score one run. I hope Cespedes is okay, because supposedly he left the game last night because of a stomach illness. After he hit that home run last night, he did look rather pale. My man Norris is doing pretty good, and it’s nice to see him in the line up. It really is too early in the season to count the A’s out, and I think they still have a shot at winning their division.


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