I almost got fooled today when I was online. But Ha! Not this time, Mr. Hacker. I randomly got a message on Facebook today asking me for money, and I was a bit confused. I was not aware that my friends mom’s account got hacked, so I actually listened to this person typing to me. Many things were weird, and I went with my gut feeling, that this person was no way in hell my friends mom. I can be quite the sucker though, so I have to be more careful. My email got hacked a couple of weeks ago, and now this, ah! What happened to privacy? There really is nowhere to be safe online anymore.

Nothing else too exciting has been happening lately, though now that July is here, things may change. My good friend will be visiting me soon, and then the craziness shall commence. We need to relive our Beijing days, and all the fun-ness that came a long with our study abroad adventures. Time really does fly when you are having fun.

I am glad that the Giants finally broke their 6 day losing streak. The guys looked pretty down when they were sitting around in the bullpen. Well, this is a new month, so that means it’s time to start a winning streak! The A’s have been playing insanely good, and I had so much fun watching them beat the Cardinals up.

I need to get back to yoga, because lately I have not been calm nor relaxed.


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