Saturday strolling

I was walking by a neighborhood church the other day, and saw this posted outside:

Faith in God Changes Everything.

I had brunch today with a friend today, and finally got to catch up a bit. The place we went to was cute inside, but we were a bit lost. As we walked into the restaurant, we got greeted, and were told to wait a bit. There were a few tables open, so we were confused on whether we were supposed to just sit down or not. After a minute or two, we asked again, and were told to sit ourselves. We then figured out that we had to order at the counter, and that there was no official waiter/waitress. The food wasn’t too bad, and the presentation was quite lovely, but I wish that the food was a bit hotter. Our drinks were excellent, although the coffee wasn’t super hot. I guess I am the type of person that likes my drinks, and food served hot. If the drink is supposed to be hot, I really do not want it lukewarm. And the same goes for the food. But, all in all, it was nice to be out and about. After brunch, I had another snack, and went out for a run. I need to get back into shape, because wearing yoga pants all the time is probably not a good thing.


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