The rain must stop

I am definitely not feeling this cold and damp weather we are having. When I did step out of the house today, I’m sure glad I had my rain boots on. My trek for lunch today wasn’t too far, and I suppose it was well worth it. I got a quesadilla for lunch from my favorite burrito place, and I didn’t get too wet walking there. Wool socks are also my best friend this winter, and they have kept my feet warm and toasty here in SF.

My iPad arrived yesterday, and I guess now it’s my new toy. I still need to use my laptop to use Hulu which is lame though. It’s interesting that the iPad only allows you to use Hulu Plus. But no thanks, I like to watch my shows for free thank you very much. Now, I am on the search for a case for my new mini friend. I am leaning toward a case from Belkin right now, and was told that there cases are good and fairly cheap. My mini friend needs protection that is for sure.

Well as my fingers start to get pruney and cold, I will end this ramble with a quote I saw the other day.

Shoes are boring. Wear sneakers.


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