Sherlock Lives

I am so happy that Sherlock is back. We only waited what, like two years right?

Sherlock Lives, yes folks, he is not dead. We have waited two years to find out whether Sherlock was dead or alive. The loyal Sherlock fans had to wait two years, and two years is a long time. I don’t think anyone should have to wait that long for a TV Show. Especially a show like Sherlock, which left us with quite the cliffhanger.  But, nevertheless Sherlock has risen from the dead, and has made it back just in time to stop a terrorist attack.

The season premiere picks up two years after Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) faked his own death, leaving his dear friend Watson to believe he was really gone for good. Holmes brother Mycroft urges Sherlock to head back to London because a terror attack is about to take place in London.  The title of the new 90-minute episode is “The Empty Hearse.” A lot has happened since Sherlock supposedly leapt from a building to his deah. For John Watson (Martin Freeman), he has settled into his job, grown a mustache, and is engaged to be married.

In this 90-minute episode the characters play a lot of catch up. We learn how Sherlock’s supposed death has affected everyone, and find out some have moved on a great deal in two years, while others not so much.  The dialogue between Holmes and Watson remains brilliant as always, and their bro-mance is ever more prevalent at the series goes on.  The minute the two of them enter the screen in the beginning restaurant scene just proves how much the pair has missed each other. Watson swatting at Sherlock over and over, and hitting him was just hilarious.  Sherlock continues to play it cool throughout the episode, and pretends that he has not missed his friend much at all. But, us as viewers know the truth.

The Empty Hearse left more questions yet to be answered. For example, how did the person on the subway car disappear? Who drugged Watson, and why. We watch, as John Watson almost becomes part of a bonfire. Was the terrorist attack really stopped? Is there more to the story?  This episode was mainly an introduction to the characters, and more of a season opener than a stand-alone episode. We can only assume that there is much more to come.



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