Super Bowl 48

So Who Watched Super Bowl XLVIII?

According to Nielsen, the game last night averaged 111.5 million viewers, a record for a U.S. television program, according to Fox, which broadcasted the game.

More than 79,000 spectators were set to fill the $.1.7 billion MetLife Stadium, the regular-season home of the New York Jets and New York Giants, for the National Football League title game.

The game did lack some suspense, and at the point where Denver was down 36-0, a lot of viewers stopped watching the game completely.

Denver accounted for only the tenth-best market in the United States, a statistic that could indicate that Broncos fans turned off the game as the score grew insanely lopsided, according to the Nielson overnight ratings.

The Super Bowl half time show, featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, attracted about 115.3 million viewers, Fox said, topping last year’s game.

Even though my team wasn’t playing in the Super Bowl, I still decided to watch the game, and cheer on the Denver Broncos. I have always been a big fan of the Manning brothers, so I had to cheer on big brother Peyton. The game did not start off too well for Denver, which gave me a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. In my head I thought, “Oh no, they might not be able to get over this.” And, yes they didn’t. 

The Seattle Seahawks dominated and owned the game. From the first quarter, to the last, it was Seattle all day. The game became painful to watch, as you us as viewers kept watching the Broncos being overpowered by the strong defense of Seattle.  Peyton Manning was not able to do anything until the 3rd quarter, and by then, it was a bit too late to make a comeback.  Manning did have 34 completions, but the two interceptions hurt him and his team’s chances to change their fate. Unfortunately, the Broncos were murdered out there on the field, with their flaws out there for the whole world to see. Denver just never seemed to get their mojo going.  Even before the game was over, you were already feeling bad for the Denver Broncos.–nfl.html



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