Brunch on a Sunday

Well the fog is officially back, and so is the wind. I met up with my good friend Steve today for brunch, and it was a total laugh fest as usual. Sweet Maple is our place, yes I said it, our place. The wait today was pretty long, but it was well worth it. I swear that the coffee gets stronger and stronger every time. Yes, I admit that I am obsessed with breakfast pizza. There is something about an egg on a pizza that is appealing to me. My pizza was packed with bacon, sausage, and potatoes. Oh man, potatoes on a pizza! Steve had his usual pancakes, and his cousin had the french toast. Brunch is definitely a social thing, but with Steve it’s always something more. We laugh, we talk, we make fun of people, and did I mention that we laugh?

What makes Steve a good friend is that he is always supportive, and never judges me. We can talk about anything, and enjoy each others company. In life, there are people you click with, and people that just annoy you. I think the word friend is used too casually these days, which is why I admit that I only have a handful of true friends. In the past, I used to think everyone I met could be a potential friend, and thought that they cared about me. I guess I have matured a bit over the years, and hopefully will continue to grow and shine as time goes on.




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